Best mechanical keyboards for Sysads

This post provides a curated list of the best mechanical keyboards for Sysads and other people that need to type fast and accurately. Typing experience, features, design and affordability have been taken into account.

Dustsilver K84

The K84 is a compact and colourful high quality mechanical keyboard that won’t break your wallet. It’s a 75% layout with Gateron switches. You can choose different color schemes and switches too. The connection is through USB-C only and it features RGB backlit. See on Amazon.

Royalaxe X Protoarc R100

Slightly pricier than the K84, the R100 is a high quality mechanical keyboard with an old school overall feel toped off with the wacky golden knob on the top right corner. It comes in two compact sizes (68 and 98 keys) and it can connect through wire or two different Bluetooth channels. It provides an outstanding typing experience thanks to its pre-lubed Gateron G Pro Yellow switches, lubed stabilizers, double shot PBT keycaps, sound-proofing plates, and silicone pads. It also features backlit and a great high capacity battery. See on Amazon.

EagleTec KG010

The KG010 mechanical keyboard is an extremely affordable piece of hardware that provides a good typing experience thanks to its generic brown switches. It comes in white or black colors and the backlit capbility is optional on purchase. This is a full size keyboard that connects through wire only and features quite a solid aluminum build. See on Amazon.

RK Royal Kludge RK96

The RK 96 mechanical keyboard has a compact layout with 96 keys plus a magnetic hand rest. It can be connected via USB-C, Bluetooth 5.0 or 2.4Ghz. It uses generic yellow switches and features backlit capabilities. The battery is remarkable, offering up to 200 hours of use without charge. The volume can be controlled through an elegant roller. See on Amazon.

NuPhy Air75

The Air75 is a very high quality mechanical keyboard that features a low profile and a 75% layout. It can be bought with Blue, Red or Brown Gateron switches. The build quality is impressive and it can be connected through 2.4G wireless, Bluetooth 5.0 or Wired. It’s slightly pricier than others due to it’s quality. This leather case is dynamite and can be purchased separately. See on Amazon.

Razer BlackWidow Lite TKL

The BlackWidow Lite TKL (tenkeyless layout) is a very high quality mechanical keyboard with a very competitive price tag that features Razer’s own high caliber switches. It can only be connected through a detachable cable and it features backlit. It’s intended for travel. See on Amazon.


The ENTR is a tenkeyless mechanical keyboard that comes in multiple colors with an anodized aluminum case, backlit and USB-C connectivity. You can choose between Gateron Yellow or Halo True switches. Overall, this is a fantastic looking mechanical keyboard with a very accessible price. See on Amazon.

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