7 keyboard layouts clearly explained

This post explains 7 different keyboard layouts which are the most practical and common nowadays.

Full size or 100%

This is the “old school” keyboard layout/size. It requires the most space on a desk and it’s recommended for people that need to do lots of data entry. Typically has +100 keys.

Compact or 96%

Similar to a full size keyboard, except that there is less space between different types of keys so it ends up taking up less of your table. This is sort of a middle ground between the full size and tenkeyless keyboards.

Tenkeyless or TKL

They have no number pad which makes it more compact and appealing to lots people. Usually have around 87 keys.


This is in fact a more compact version of the tenkeyless.


This is just a compact version of the 75%, dropping function keys and the home cluster.


These have no arrow keys, home cluster, number pad nor function row. Popular for System Administrator and System Engineers.


it’s a 60% layout minus the numbers row. Less common than others.

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