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  • HAProxy installation under Debian Etch (compiling from sources)

    HAProxy is an excellent load balancer which performs extremely well. This page explains how to install HAProxy since this is one of the recommended versions on the ”HAProxy Mailing List”: Server response time discrepancy Also, it has been recommended on that thread to use one of the following kernels: 2.6.22 2.6.25 2.6.18 Installation Steps […]

  • Linux gzip usage

    Compressing Example: Listing Example: See also Linux gzip man page

  • Forcing Perl to install CPAN packages via HTTP (i.e. avoiding FTP)

    If you are behind a firewall and your FTP connectivity with the external world is just restricted you might get frustrated with Perl’s automatic way of installing packages (via CPAN) because it uses FTP protocol by default. Solution Edit your CPAN settings file (probably /etc/perl/CPAN/Config.pm) and change the line: it should look like this: After […]

  • Unrar command line usage under Debian Linux

    The command usage is: See Also Installing unrar package under Debian Linux Decompressing rar files under Debian Linux

  • Decompressing rar files under Debian Linux

    First, you should have the necessary package(s) installed. Check this: Then: See Also Unrar command line usage under Debian Linux

  • Configuring syslog to receive messages from the network (aka listen)

    It is sometimes needed to have a syslog server configured in such a way that is able to listen to the network and log information send through it. By default, this is usually turned off. All we need to do is run syslog with the option ‘-r’. If we look at syslogd’s man page: -r […]