Quick and dirty fix for VMware Linux guests loosing clock accuracy

I covered on a previous post how to keep the clock synchronized for VMware Linux guest(s). Well this seems to not work at least for recent versions VMware Server 2 (i.e. the one with web based management console). For now the quick& dirty solution I am using is putting a cron job that executes ntpdate pretty often…

My cron job looks like this:

# Temporary fix for the time getting lost
0-59/10 * * * * /usr/sbin/ntpdate north-america.pool.ntp.org > /dev/null 2>1

Yes, this fix requires to have NTPDATE installed (apt-get install ntpdate under Debian).

Dumping a mysql database excluding one or several tables

If we need to dump a MySQL database and want to exclude table(s) we should use the option:


Do not dump the given table, which must be specified using both the database and table names. To ignore multiple tables, use this option multiple times. This option also can be used to ignore views. Citation.


mysqldump --ignore-table=cars.brands cars > cars.dump